OIE ˜Train the Trainers" Regional Workshops on animal welfare during transport and slaughter for Russian speaking countries

Over the past years, OIE developed a specific programme called OIE Improved Animal Welfare Program (IAWP) to build countries’ capacity in animal welfare during transport and slaughter. This program, usually conducted at national level, uses the Training the Trainers (ToT) methodology and is organized in three sequential and consecutive sessions. It has proven very effective in Asia and the Middle East.

The OIE Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe identified transport by land and slaughter of food producing animals as priority topics (together with control of stray dog populations) of its first 3-year Action Plan (2014-2016) adopted in December 2013. As part of this Action Plan, the OIE, with the support of the Platform Steering Group, decided to include regional workshops on animal welfare during transport and slaughter specifically targeting Russian speaking countries[1] considering (i) the need to improve the understanding of transport and slaughter standards and best practices, (ii) the similarities in the socio-economic, environmental and cultural situation in these countries, and (iii) similar challenges faced in the process of the OIE Standards implementation.

These Workshops  will be using the IAWP-methodology mentioned above; however some ‘adjustments’ will be necessary  to cope with the regional dimension of the Workshop and adapt it to the context prevailing in Russian-speaking countries.

The main objective of the regional Workshops is to help countries implement best practices during transport, pre-slaughter and slaughter stages in conformity with OIE standards on transport of animals by land (chapter 7.3 of the TAHC) and slaughter (chapter 7.5 of the TAHC), with the ultimate goal to improve the welfare of animals during these operations. More specifically, Workshops will aim to train a set of ‘Trainers’ per targeted country able to deliver trainings on transport and slaughter in their country of origin (cascading transfer of knowledge). They will therefore gain a deep understanding of the OIE Standards and how to implement them; they will also be trained on how to best transfer the knowledge they have acquired to a national audience, through specific pedagogic sessions including a special Video recording session, which will enable them to analyse and improve their presentation and training skills.

As proposed in the OIE IAWP, the Workshops will (i) use the ToT methodology; (ii) combine technical and on-the spot training sessions, (iii) be organized for an optimal number of participants (given all practical exercises); and (iv) be organized in 3 consecutive sessions – separate by one month.