Governance of the Platform

In accordance with the Concept Note, governance of the Platform is entrusted to a Steering Group.

The Steering Group is composed of OIE Delegates from three non-EU and two EU countries, a representative of the European Commission, the OIE Regional and Sub-Regional Representations of the European Region and a representative of the OIE Collaborating Centre on animal welfare for Europe.

The Steering Group meet at every 6 months, or more regularly, under the chairmanship of the OIE Headquarters. Meetings take place in different countries from Europe on rotational principle.

Secretariat of the Steering Group is provided by the OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels.

The First meeting of the Steering Group of the OIE Platform on animal welfare for Europe was held in the OIE Headquarters on 19-20 December 2013.

Collaboration with other stakeholders from the region will be carefully looked at and they will be consulted on ad hoc basis considering the optimal implementation of the Action plan. Priority in that respect will be given to partner organisations recognised by the OIE World Assembly of Delegates.

Key documents: Concept Note