OIE ‘Whole Journey Scenario’ Workshop on animal welfare during long distance transport

The First OIE ‘Whole Journey Scenario’ Workshop in Europe was held on 25-27 April 2018 in Zaborek, Poland. 

The primary objective of the workshop and follow up activities is to assist countries to implement best practices during long distance and cross-border animals’ transport in compliance with OIE standards on the transport of animals by land with the goal to improve the welfare of animals for the whole duration of the journey along selected route involving various countries.

More specifically the Workshops aimed to:

- remind the provisions of the OIE Chapters 7.3 and existing national regulations, with a focus on the responsibilities of the Competent Authorities,
-  identify the key weaknesses/constraints/challenges in the implementation of those responsibilities by the Competent Authorities;
- encourage the development of procedures for routine and emergency scenarios among Competent Authorities in targeted OIE Member Countries;
- present the Regional Network of transport experts (OIE Trainers and Focal Points for Animal Welfare) and establish networks of contact points;
- identify communication channels and personnel (Directory of Competent Authorities) involved in the  transport of live animals in each country;
- share best practices which will ensure respect OIE animal welfare standards during transport.

The workshop is built on route scenario that was subject of the European Court of Justice ruling C‐424 related to the transport of cattle originating in Germany and travelling to Uzbekistan via Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan.

The workshop targeted seven countries along the selected scenario route, namely: Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. In addition, representatives from Ukraine attended the workshop as observers. 


Meeting report (to be posted soon)

Agenda of the workshop

Presentations of the workshop:

Plenary lecture: OIE and OIE mandate on animal welfare. N. Leboucq (OIE SRR Brussels))

Plenary lecture: OIE Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe -capacity building activities on transport. N. Leboucq

Sharing best practices: Sharing success stories on OIE capacity building activities. I. Gibaliuk (Ukraine)

Plenary QUIZ: Chapter 7.3 on transport animals by land of the OIE TAHC. T. Grudnik (OIE)/All

Plenary lecture: Additional measures in the EU legislation. P. Caruana (European Commission, DG SANTE, Directorate F).

Countries presentations:

Plenary lecture: Challenges identified by EC during audits. P. Caruana

Plenary lecture: Business operator/exporter perspective challenges and good practices. HP. Schons (ExPla)

Plenary lecture: Roles of the Competent Authorities - OIE recommendations. T.Grudnik

Sharing best practices: EU TRACES system. P. Caruana

Sharing best practices: Merkury e-system for veterinary certification. A. Medvedev (Russia)